JESUS RETURNS TO EARTH - A MERRY CHRISTMAS - di Oreste De Santis - teatro per bambini - jesus returns to earth - a merry christmas Testo teatrale e musicale per bambini di Oreste De Santis

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JESUS RETURNS TO EARTH - A MERRY CHRISTMAS - di Oreste De Santis - teatro per bambini

(A Merry Christmas)
Brilliant musical parody by Oreste De Santis
Traslation from Italian By Mary Jo Napodano
For elementary classes- Protected by SIAE
Plot Summary
In Heaven, God, Jesus, Mary and Saint Peter talk about the problems in today’s world, and ,how  in one way or another, people seem to blame God for the adversities the world has faced (earthquakes, disease, etc.) and continues to bear.  All are convinced that God is angry with the human race and that is why He sends these adversities.  Word spreads in Heaven and though having reaffirmed that it is not He, but man himself that causes  his misfortunes, no one believes Him and the situation worsens.  So, hurt by what is happening around Him, and determined to prove His love to man, he decides to send Jesus back to earth.  (Saints may be substituted with those in connection to the city or town in which the play is held, except for Saint Pio of Pietrelcina , Saint Karol Wojtyla and Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta.)
Number of Characters:  19
God, Mary, Jesus, Saint Peter, 4 Angels, Devil, Archangel Gabriel, Saint Ciro, Saint john, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Karol Wojtyla, Saint Anthony, Saint Gennaro, Father Pio, Thief 1, Thief 2

Setting:  Heaven (Sky blue background with clouds and angels)

Duration: about 50 minutes  -   Suitable for:  3rd, 4th, 5th grade

In Heaven:  Jesus, Mary and Saint Peter discuss problems that occur in the world, sitting in a semi-circle around a large globe, the setting must give the idea of Heaven

(Celestial music) “In Heaven” by Oreste De Santis ( It is possible to match dances and songs as needed by teachers.  Lines in Neapolitan have been translated to Italian, in parentheses, in bold).

a large globe or world map in center stage, after music, God Mary, Jesus and Saint Peter sit around the globe.

GOD:  Look there, look there, I can’t believe it! It can’t be possible! (pointing to the globe)

JESUS:  But it’s happening.

SAINT PETER:  People are lost, they are not afraid of anything.  They make one mistake after another.

MARY:  Sin upon sin.

SAINT PETER:  It’s in man’s nature.  What can you do…

GOD:  What are you saying Saint Peter?That this is my fault?

SAINT PETER:  You?I would never dare.  Maybe it came out wrong. But, if you think about it, in 2000 years a lot of bad things have happened.

GOD:  So, you are saying that it’s my fault.

SAINT PETER:  Maybe it’s best I stop talking.

MARY:  But I’m worried.

JESUS: About what mother?

MARY:  What do you mean “about what”?  With all the tragedies that are happening, those people down there believe less and less; they don’t pray, and even worse, they’re losing their faith.

JESUS:  Mother what are yousaying?

GOD:  I know what she’s saying. It seems everyone here is saying the same thing.  AmI right Peter?

SAINT PETER:  I didn’t say anything this time.

4 ANGELS:  (4 angels enter, shouting, each says a line and the last line together “LIVE”, each line is accompanied by a step and one arm out infront of them)

News flash/news flash/ news flash/news flash (together) live

SAINT PETER:  Good or bad?

4 ANGELS:  Latest, bad, news, unfortunately (each angel can say one word or all together)

SAINT PETER: It figures.

GOD:  What’s happened now?

JESUS:  Come  angels, don’t be afraid to speak.

4 ANGELS:  God, Mary, Jesus and Saint Peter, a devastating  earthquake has just hit Iran.

SAINT PETER:  Oh dear, oh dear, what are you saying?

4 ANGELS:  Exactly, what, we, said

SAINT PETER:  And you give us the news first thing in the morning?

4 ANGELS:  News, in,  real, time…live(together)

GOD:  Ok, Ok little angels thank you for the news. Nowrun along.

4 ANGELS:  God, Mary, Jesus, Saint Peter…Goodbye (together)

JESUS:  Keep us posted….Mother, what were you trying to say earlier?

MARY:  It’s simple. The earthquakes, tsunamis, diseases…Humans think it all comes from up here.

JESUS:  What do you mean “from up here”?

MARY:  That we send them all these terrible tragedies.


GOD:  Again? Mary, you, too? Are you also saying that it’s my fault?

MARY:  I know it isn’t your fault, and that it is man and his actions that is destroying what you’ve given them

JESUS:  Yes.   They’ve polluted the oceans, destroyed the forests, people are starving.  All this is not acceptable.

GOD:  See? If you think about it, even you say that it isn’t my fault.

SAINT PETER:  The other day I went to  voices from the Earth room, and everyone my Lord, was asking for your forgiveness.

JESUS:  Father, if they ask for your forgiveness, then they think it is You that sends them these tragedies, even if it isn’t true.

GOD:  But I didn’t send them anything.  They are ruining everything.  They don’t love each other anymore.  Families are disappearing. There is no love for 
anything.  All I see is war and hate.

SAINT PETER:  Unfortunately…

MARY:  Ant it gets worse day after day.

SAINT PETER:  Unfortunately…

JESUS:  Father, we must do something.  We must help them. Mankind has lost itself in a sea of wealth, easy customs, hate and selfishness.

MARY:  Yes, I agree with Jesus.  We must help them.

SAINT PETER:  Lord, please tell  me.  Who don’t You want to help them?

GOD:  (angry, stands) Oh, I’ve had enough, Saint Peter, Mary and Jesus, do you want to know what I say? I’ve had enough.  I’m leaving.  You’ve been on me 
about this all morning. Unbelievable… (exits angry)

MARY, JESUS, SAINT PETER:  (exit behind Him shouting respectively) God, where are You going, Father, Father wait, My Lord, forgive me…(Saint Peter exits 
with the globe) I didn’t mean to offend You, wait…

DEVIL:  (speaks to audience from downstage-while children prepare for dance number)
Ha, ha, ha, I am so happy, I am so happy…I am winning, and for Christmas ah, ah (diabolical laugh), for Christmas I have a special surprise, a tsunami…Yes, a 
tidal wave that the entire world will speak of…the entire

world…the entire world ha, ha, ha
(all exit after dance)
(devil’s dance, song “Here I am”)

Music and lyrics by Oreste De Santis
Here I am, I am right here.
I am the one that you’ve been searching for a while.
So much power and intelligence.
With you can have anything you ask for.
Don’t get upset. What can you do?
It seems that evil  is much stronger than love.
If you seek success and riches, love and beauty,
Come with me and you’ll know what you do.
Let yourself go, pay no mind,
If there is someone that keeps saying what not to do.
You’ll be so happy, with lots of friends.
With me you’ll have everything you ask for.
Don’t get upset. What can you do?
It seems that evil  is much stronger than love.
If you seek success and riches, love and beauty,
Come with me and you’ll know what you do.
( Music) 
So much power and intelligence.
With me can have anything you ask for.
Let yourself go, pay no mind,
If there is someone that keeps saying what not to do.
If you seek success and riches, love and beauty,
Come with me and you’ll know what you do.
If you seek success and riches, love and beauty,
Come with me and you’ll know what you do.

(enter side opposite devil, first God, then others one behind the other)

GOD:  I said no, I do not want to.

MARY:  Fine.  There’s no need to shout.

JESUS:  Father, the truth is you are too tense and upset.

SAINT PETER:  I think so, too.  You are too tense.  How about a chamomile?

GOD:  (angry) I don’t want anything.

4 ANGELS:  We’ve come to tell you, that the earthquake in Iran, caused many deaths, especially among the children…(together) But we won’t say how many

GOD:  And why not?

4 ANGELS:Why not?/ Because You already know?/ Naturally/ You sent the earthquake, didn’t you?

GOD:  Oh, here we go again…Again? You, too, now? I didn’t send anything, is that clear? Enough with this nonsense.  Who is spreading this rumor?

4 ANGELS:  (in chorus, pointing) Saint Peter

GOD:Ha, so I was right.  It was you Peter, and I knew it.

SAINT PETER:  No, it isn’t so…

JESUS:  Peter, you wouldn’t lie in Heaven now, I hope.

MARY:  Saint Peter, don’t you dare…

SAINT PETER: I’m not lying.  It’s just that…

4 ANGELS:  (together) But…

SAINT PETER: It’s not what you think.

4 ANGELS:  (together) Then what is it?


4 ANGELS:  (in chorus pointing) It was Saint Peter, it was Saint Peter

SAINT PETER:  Oh, dear…who called you here this morning?

MARY:  When did this happen, little angels.  Tell me, do you remember when he told you?

4 ANGELS:  (together) Of course, Our Lady, Madonna, Immaculate

JESUS:  Tell us.  What are you waiting for?

4 ANGELS:  Saint Peter/ told us/ everyday/ even on Sundays…(together) everyday

SAINT PETER:  Oh go away.  You’re  bad luck.

GOD:  Are you sure?

4 ANGELS:  (together) Of course.

SAINT PETER:  (to angels) Are you still here? Don’t you have anything better to do?

MARY:  Come now, Peter, don’t get angry.  It’s not their fault.

4 ANGELS:  We/ only/ speak/ the truth…(together) Live

SAINT PETER:  That is so annoying…(imitating) Live

GOD:  Thank you angels for what you’ve told me.  You may go.

SAINT PETER:  You heard Him, you can go now…go, go, go

4 ANGELS:  (together) Yes, my Lord, goodbye.

SAINT PETER:  Still here?

4 ANGELS:  Let’s go, let’s go

SAINT PETER:  And don’t come back

GOD:  So it’s like I thought.  Peter, I saw in your eyes that it was you.

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Oreste De Santis - Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
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