JESUS RETURNS TO EARTH - A MERRY CHRISTMAS - di Oreste De Santis - teatro per bambini - jesus returns to earth - a merry christmas Testo teatrale e musicale per bambini di Oreste De Santis

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Jesus returns to earth
(A Merry Christmas)
Testo teatrale e musicale per bambini di 
Oreste De Santis

Plot Summary
In Heaven, God, Jesus, Mary and Saint Peter talk about the problems in today’s world, and ,how  in one way or another, people seem to blame God for the adversities the world has faced (earthquakes, disease, etc.) and continues to bear.  All are convinced that God is angry with the human race and that is why He sends these adversities.  Word spreads in Heaven and though having reaffirmed that it is not He, but man himself that causes  his misfortunes, no one believes Him and the situation worsens.  So, hurt by what is happening around Him, and determined to prove His love to man, he decides to send Jesus back to earth.  (Saints may be substituted with those in connection to the city or town in which the play is held, except for Saint Pio of Pietrelcina , Saint Karol Wojtyla and Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta.)
Number of Characters:  19
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